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The Day I Realized I Was A Mombie

I remember the day that I realized that I was a mombie like it was yesterday. It was September 11th, 2017, my son was only 3 weeks old and I was already returning to work. I had never heard the term Mombie before, a co-worker came up to welcome me back but instead said “oh hunny, you look like a mombie” at first I was offended by this until I realized that this was definitely the truth! Admitting is the first step right?

At the time I had a 15 year old, 12 year old, and 18 month old, and had just had my 4th child just 3 weeks prior. My plan along was to only take 3 weeks off work and forego the normal 6 weeks short-term disability plan, as I work a job with very minimal base pay and rely soley on my commission in order to provide for my family. My partner (soon-to-be husband) is a stay at home daddy so that makes me the sole provider for our family.

The delivery of my soon Walker was to say the least the most difficult thing that I have ever done. After 36 hours of labor he got stuck during delivery and then had to be resusitated immediately, so on top of difficult it was so very scary. We were able to go home for approximately 24 hours but soon had to return the our local hospital for other complications which resulted in going to the children’s hospital in a nearby city for a week.

Anyway……..back to my ah ha moment….

The day of September 11th, I woke up that morning (maybe or maybe I hadn’t even slept) and realized that I had to leave my poor partner with a very rambunctious toddler and very new, very sick baby! I drug myself upstairs and woke Mason up to take over with the baby, who in true baby fashion had been up ALL night long and managed to get in a quick shower, dressed, and out the door with wet hair.

I get to work and my slowly air dried hair was all over the place, my pants were uncomfortable in all of the wrong places (after all I had just given birth 3 weeks ago), and I had spit up all down the back of my cardigan. When my co-worker said that I looked like a mombie, I looked at my dark circles under my eyes with my crazy hair and dirty clothes and realized she was so right.

Like I said at first I was very offended with this new term until I realized this is a label I was going to wear with pride. My family depends on me for their well being and I provide nicely for them. In return I scarfice getting up to do my hair every morning for just 10 more minutes of sleep, I sacrafice sitting down to eat my meals so that I can get the kitchen cleaned up so that I can sit down and cuddle with t he baby after dinner, and unfortuunately I sacrafice a lot of time with my partner by going to work, working on my own business, and falling asleep on the couch shortly after dinner every night.

Welcome to my blog! That baby is now almost 5 months old and things are slowly looking up with his health…..everyday we are working on new things to make our lives easier. I hope that you follow us throughout this blogging journey while I figure it out as well.

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