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Parent Shaming Be Damned: Chicken Nuggets

Parent shaming?? With the internet and social media a part of most people’s every day lives parent shaming has reached an all time high. You may be reading this and asking yourself what is parent shaming? Parent shaming is when someone criticizes an individuals parenting practices. Of course there are some times there are logical choices that should be made when it comes to parenting your children, however, there are many times on social media I have come across posts where I see someone telling someone else that their parenting choices are wrong.

In the series Parent Shaming Be Damned, I will touch on different topics that are after topics of parent shaming in “real life” and on social media.

;o-BABY-FAST-FOOD-facebook***Photo credit: Huffington Post***

This week’s topic is McDonald’s, who has a strong opinion one way or another in regards to feeding your child McDonald’s on a regular basis? I know that there are a lot of people who feel that it is wrong to go take your children out to eat, its wrong to feed your children processed food, and there are a lot of people who would rather starve their children to death than let them eat a Chicken McNugget.

I am one of those mom’s that you will see frequently running through the drive-thru at McDonald’s to get my kid her chicken nugget or cheeseburger fix. I know SHAME on me, how can you let your children eat these types of foods? It is actually a topic that I have had a mild debate or two with some of my more organic loving friends. I am a mother of 4 children, their ages range from 5 months old up to 15 years old, I work a full time job outside of the home and then have a few side hustles. I am constantly on the go and I am often up multiple times a night with the baby. There are a lot of times that by the time I get off work and get settled into the house with my ever growing to-do list that I am too exhausted to stand in my kitchen and cook my family a meal. To add to that I am just not a very good cook either.

I have read numerous articles and many, many debates on social media about McDonald’s but here are a few facts about MY children that I have decided help me make my decision on if I am going to feed my children McDonald’s.

  1. Of my 4 children, 1 can not eat, so there are 3 of them that eat McDonald’s. Only 1 of the 3, the one that eats McDonald’s the least, is overweight. The other 2, who are 12 and almost 2, are in the 20th percentile for weight based on their age and height.
  2. If my day has been long & rough enough I am going to go home and make a boxed meal or something like frozen chicken nuggets. Are these items really that much better option for my children than getting food from McDonald’s?
  3. My toddler, like all toddlers, goes through picky stages every couple of weeks were she will not eat ANYTHING other than a cheeseburger. I am a firm believer in waiting a child out to get them to eat before just giving in, but my child will go days where she will barely eat anything. Sometimes McDonald’s is better than nothing.
  4. When my toddler is giving the choice of apples or french fries she will eat the french fries of course BUT SHE chooses to eat the apples first. Again this is a choice that she makes on her own so I know that in the end I am still helping her figure out how to make healthy choices.
  5. There are times where it is sadly more cost effective to go out to eat than it is to buy the ingredients needed to cook your family a healthy meal.
  6. The final reason that I am making this decision is that McDonald’s has been making great strides in providing some healthier options on their menus and are revamping some of their current recipes in order to provide healthier meals to both children and adults.

Am I saying that McDonald’s is a healthy option for children? Not at all, I know that even though McDonald’s has been striving more and more to provide healthier options that there is still a long way to go with the products.  I do not think that parents should be feeding their children fast food every day. I am simply saying that their are times when the other food options that you would provide in your own home are just as bad as going to eat at the local fast food restaurant.

Do you have any opinions on why or why not it is okay to feed your children McDonald’s in moderation? Do you feel like me feeding my children McDonald’s makes me a bad or lazy parent? Comment below or shoot me an email to share your opinions for a future Parent Shaming Be Damned.

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