Win An Echo Dot! Instagram Giveaway!

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Hello!!!!! Top of the morning to you…..4 a.m on a Saturday morning here to be exact….so literally the top of the morning….

In the midst of attempting to launch my blog for the new year I got hit with a going on more than week long bout with the flu! I am on day eight of just not feeling well and of course the babies have caught it! So as I am sleeping in the recliner so Little Guy can breathe while sleeping I decided we needed a giveaway!

I am still working hard to add more blog posts and get my Facebook page up and running but I have been working on my Instagram the most (let’s face it….nothing easier than posting pictures of your kiddos). However, I would really love to build my Instagram following (from as we speak……44 to 500) HOLD THE PHONE! I know that is a huge leap!

So I am giving away an Amazon Echo Dot to a randomly selected Instagram winner! It’s easy to enter….head on over to My Instagram Giveway, comment on what you love about being a Mombie (or dad, grandma, grandpa, pet owner), follow my page Life Of A Mombie, and tag at least one friend!!

At our house we are torn between the Amazon Echo Dot and the Google Home Mini….I actually prefer the Echo while Mason uses the Home religiously! Check out the Amazon Echo Dot and all of the amazing things you can do with Alexa!!

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